[Numpy-discussion] numpy for Python 3?

Dave dave.hirschfeld@gmail....
Mon Jul 19 09:38:55 CDT 2010

Richard D. Moores <rdmoores <at> gmail.com> writes:

> On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 06:03, Dave <dave.hirschfeld <at> gmail.com> wrote:
> > My bad - typo. The command to build numpy should have been:
> >
> > C:\Python31\python setup.py bdist_wininst
> I tried that. See the attached.
> > i.e. the full path and filename of the program you want to run (Python3). 
> No module named msvccompiler in numpy.distutils; trying from distutils
> error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat
> c:\SVNRepository\numpy>

All I meant by that was that the full path and filename of your Python3
interpreter was C:\Python31\python.exe (the .exe  isn't necessary but is part
of the filename.)

By default on Windoze python will try to use the Microsoft compilers and the
error message above is saying it can't find them.

When you say you "do have one" I'm assuming that when you entered gcc at the
command line you got the "gcc: no input files" error message back. In this case
we need to tell python to use the gcc compilers.

In Python 2.5 you can do this by creating a text file called distutils.cfg in
the C:\Python31\Lib\distutils directory with the following statements:


compiler = mingw32

I don't have Python 3 so not sure if this still works.


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