[Numpy-discussion] numpy records in C

Caius Howcroft caius.howcroft@gmail....
Mon Jul 19 15:28:14 CDT 2010

Hi all

I'm playing with writing some C code to speed up an inner loop in my
python code. This loop operates on a numpy record, e.g. soemthing like

a = numpy.zeros((10,), dtype=[("myfvalue" ,"float"), ("myc", "int8"),
("anotheri", "uint64")])

which is then passed into c code like so:

myCFunc(a, "blah")

I was wondering if someone had an example of how to access particular
columns of "a" in the C func. Clearly, this is going to involve  a
PyArray_Descr.fields somewhere, but an example would really help make
things clearer for me.



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