[Numpy-discussion] doc string linalg.solve --> works for b is matrix

David Goldsmith d.l.goldsmith@gmail....
Wed Jul 21 12:02:27 CDT 2010

What version of numpy are you using?  That docstring was updated in that
fashion about 8 mo. ago (at least in the Wiki; I'm not sure exactly when it
was merged, but it does appear that way in version 1.4.0).


I am using linalg.solve to solve a system of linear equations.  As I have to
> solve multiple systems with the same matrix, but different right-hand sides,
> I tried to make the right-hand side a matrix and that works fine.
> So the docstring should say:
>     Solve the equation ``a x = b`` for ``x``.
>     Parameters
>     ----------
>     a : array_like, shape (M, M)
>         Input equation coefficients.
>     b : array_like, shape (M,) or array_like, shape (M,N)
>         N can be arbitrary size
>         Equation target values.
>     Returns
>     -------
>     x : array, shape (M,) or array, shape (M,N)
> Thanks,
> Mark
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