[Numpy-discussion] Numpy installation problem

Jonathan Tu jhtu@princeton....
Sat Jul 24 15:18:55 CDT 2010

> It shows you don't use either atlas or even simple lapack. If your
> install used atlas, the atlas libraries would show up on those .so
> with ldd,
> David

Hmm.  Ok.  What I did for Numpy installation was check out the source code using svn.  Then I did
	python setup.py build
where I changed the site.cfg file so that the [Default] category also contains the path to my local Python 2.6.5 installation, which is /home/jhtu/local.

Then I did 
	make install
and I think there was probably a prefix type option where I specified that I wanted to install it locally.  

How do I specify that I want to build against ATLAS/LAPACK?  I'm certain that they are installed on this cluster.

Jonathan Tu

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