[Numpy-discussion] Numpy installation problem

David Cournapeau cournape@gmail....
Sat Jul 24 15:27:00 CDT 2010

On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 5:18 AM, Jonathan Tu <jhtu@princeton.edu> wrote:
>> It shows you don't use either atlas or even simple lapack. If your
>> install used atlas, the atlas libraries would show up on those .so
>> with ldd,
>> David
> Hmm.  Ok.  What I did for Numpy installation was check out the source code using svn.

Use a released version instead (1.4.1 is the last one as we speak).
Although we try to keep a relatively robust trunk, it does not have
the QA put in the releases.

> Then I did
>        python setup.py build
> where I changed the site.cfg file so that the [Default] category also contains the path to my local Python 2.6.5 installation, which is /home/jhtu/local.

If you install the atlas libraries in /home/jhtu/local/lib, you need
something like:

library_dirs = /home/jhtu/local/lib

in your site.cfg

> Then I did
>        make install
> and I think there was probably a prefix type option where I specified that I wanted to install it locally.

I guess you meant python setup.py install ? there is no makefile in numpy

> How do I specify that I want to build against ATLAS/LAPACK?  I'm certain that they are installed on this cluster.

They are, but they are broken, as showed on the logs you posted. The
atlas libraries packaged by RHEL 4 (and even 5 IIRC) are hopelessly
broken, you need to build atlas by yourself - preferably into an rpm
if you want to deploy on a cluster if you have admin rights.


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