[Numpy-discussion] Numpy installation problem

Jonathan Tu jhtu@princeton....
Sat Jul 24 16:46:42 CDT 2010

> Here is what I would do for RHEL4:
> - use python 2.6, not 2.7, because the released numpy does not support 2.7 yet.
> - build atlas 3.8.3 and lapack 3.1.1 by yourself: this is your core
> issue here. Both lapack and atlas should be built with the -fPIC flag
> on x86_64 arch (modify the make.inc in lapack to include -fPIC in OPT
> and NOOPT flags, and add the option -Fa alg -fPIC when calling atlas
> configure script)
> David

I have built lapack and atlas per your instructions (using http://www.scipy.org/Installing_SciPy/Linux for reference).  I think this has been done successfully.  My first go at building Numpy was not successful, and I was wondering if perhaps I did a few things wrong.

At one point, the website I referenced above suggests that I can make shared libraries by doing
	cd lib 			#to where the atlas libraries are
	make shared 	# for sequential libraries
	make ptshared	# for threaded libraries

I initially did both of these things, which I'm not sure is ok.  The above website also says "our atlas libraries should now be in the lib subdirectory of the current directory. You should copy them to some-place that you can tell site.cfg about."  So I copied the libraries using cp to /home/jhtu/local/lib.

The final thing I had to do was modify my site.cfg.  I had a few questions about this.  First of all, for my default paths, do I need to do
	library_dirs = /usr/local/bin:/home/jhtu/local/lib
or just
	library_dirs = /home/jhtu/local/lib

Finally, to specifiy the lapack libraries, there is a section like
	libraries = f77blas,...
but also another choice
I think this is related to the make shared vs make ptshared question above, but this is something I know nothing about.  I think these are the only things that could be causing my problems.  

Jonathan Tu
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