[Numpy-discussion] determinant of a scalar not handled

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Mon Jul 26 21:05:55 CDT 2010

On 7/26/2010 8:18 PM, Skipper Seabold wrote:
> np.linalg.det(np.array([[2]]))
> #2.0
> which should either fail or if not, then I think np.linalg.det should
> handle scalars and scalars as 1d arrays

It should not fail, because it follows from standard definitions.
(E.g., it is the base case of a recursive definition.)
And it does not imply that the determinant is defined for anything but square matrices.

But I am still confused about the use case.
What is the scalar- (or 1d-array-) returning procedure
invokedbefore taking the determinant?

Alan Isaac

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