[Numpy-discussion] Technicalities of the SVN -> GIT transition

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Tue Jun 1 13:09:39 CDT 2010


>> I don't think correcting the email addresses in the SVN history is very
>> useful. Best probably just use some dummy form, maybe
> That's what svn2git already does, so that would be less work for me :)
> It may not matter much, but I think there is at least one argument for
> having real emails: to avoid having duplicate committers (i.e. pvirtanen
> is the same committer before and after the git transition). But this is
> only significant for current committers.

It seems right to try and keep the commit author the same for pre and
post SVN commits if possible.

Maybe you could put up a list of those people whose emails you need to
scrape (obviously without the email addresses) and ask for opt-out?
Or opt-in if you think that's better?

Thanks for looking into this.


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