[Numpy-discussion] 2D binning

Stephen Simmons mail@stevesimmons....
Wed Jun 2 17:18:23 CDT 2010

On 1/06/2010 10:51 PM, Wes McKinney wrote:
 > <snip>
 > This is a pretty good example of the "group-by" problem that will
 > hopefully work its way into a future edition of NumPy.

Wes (or anyone else), please can you elaborate on any plans for groupby?

I've made my own modification to numpy.bincount for doing groupby-type 
operations but not contributed anything back to the numpy community.

Is there any interest from European-based people to work on groupby etc 
at the Euro SciPy sprints in July? If others are interested, maybe we 
could work out requirements beforehand and then do some coding in Paris.


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