[Numpy-discussion] "Dynamic convolution" in Numpy

Friedrich Romstedt friedrichromstedt@gmail....
Thu Jun 3 11:28:22 CDT 2010

Have you ever considered using pygame?  Afaik, it is based on SDL and
therefore should support realtime mixing and writing to the sound
buffer simultaneously as it is played back.

I did not check the gory details but it seems that pygame has the
Mixer interface from SDL, good luck!

For your thing in principle, when your HRIRs are not tooo long, why
not calculate each frame of audio by integrating the convolution
integral only at time t?

Or you could do a cyclic buffer, and add each time instance the
current HRIR to it, as multiplied with the current frame.  You even do
not have to do this in advance.  In principle, just copy the cyclic
generator buffer to the audio buffer as the time instances arrive?


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