[Numpy-discussion] Simple problem. Is it possible without a loop?

Vicente Sole sole@esrf...
Wed Jun 9 10:47:59 CDT 2010

Quoting josef.pktd@gmail.com:

> but the two options don't produce the same result in general, the
> cumsum version doesn't restart from zero, I think
> try
> x0 = np.random.randint(5,size=30).cumsum()
> with delta=3
> I don't see a way around recursive looping

The x0 data are already sorted. It was one of the premises of the first post.

The solution I proposed makes "almost" what I need and I will most  
likely use it. It just misses the first value but takes the next one  
what is fine for my application. For the simple example, it returns  
[1, 5, 9] instead of [0, 4, 8] but it should not disturb me.


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