[Numpy-discussion] numpy for jython

Jarl Haggerty fictivelaark@gmail....
Sun Jun 13 20:23:58 CDT 2010

Does anyone have any interest in a port of numpy to jython?  I've been
looking around and it seems like the only versions of this is JNumeric,
which is so old it's named after Numeric, and a slightly updated version of
that.  I decided to try and use jnumeric but it's missing a lot of features,
the code was pretty obtuse and I felt I could make a cleaner version(oh, the
hubris) without the Java reflection array API, so I took a shot at it.  I've
implemented some basic features(don't hurt me if some of them are broken),
but you can't make arrays of objects, although I think I can put that in.

Anyway, before going any further I thought I'd share, and maybe start
commenting my code if people show interest.
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