[Numpy-discussion] timeseries, the sandbox (was timeseries - dates prior to 1970)

Bevan Jenkins bevan07@gmail....
Mon Jun 21 16:38:51 CDT 2010

Pierre GM <pgmdevlist <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I just pushed the weekend's changes, including a fix for your problem. 
> Now it should be possible to define an array of dates w/ a timestep 
different from 1:
> >>> date_array(start_date=Date("T", "2010-06-21 00:00"), length=4, 
> DateArray([21-Jun-2010 00:00, 21-Jun-2010 00:15, 21-Jun-2010 00:30,
>        21-Jun-2010 00:45],
>           freq='T')
> Feedback is essential at this point...

The latest changes are working for the limited test case that I have.
Thanks for your efforts on this.


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