[Numpy-discussion] numpy.all docstring reality check

David Goldsmith d.l.goldsmith@gmail....
Tue Jun 29 20:50:30 CDT 2010

Hi, folks.  Under Parameters, the docstring for numpy.core.fromnumeric.all

"out : ndarray, optionalAlternative output array in which to place the
result. It must have the same shape as the expected output and *the type is
preserved*." [emphasis added].I assume this is a
copy-and-paste-from-another-docstring "typo" (shouldn't it be (possibly
ndarray of) bool), but I just wanted to double check.


Mathematician: noun, someone who disavows certainty when their uncertainty
set is non-empty, even if that set has measure zero.

Hope: noun, that delusive spirit which escaped Pandora's jar and, with her
lies, prevents mankind from committing a general suicide.  (As interpreted
by Robert Graves)
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