[Numpy-discussion] Some help on matlab to numpy translation

Friedrich Romstedt friedrichromstedt@gmail....
Mon Mar 15 16:32:31 CDT 2010

Ok, so I send yet another version.  Maybe Bruce is right, but I didn't
care, because we have fret enough.  Now it not only computes
something, but also displays something :-(

Nicolas, maybe you can now waste some of your time with it?  I was
curious, both to understand and to get it working, but I failed.  I
doubt especially the section "Microscopic boundary conditions",
because commenting it out makes things, well, say worser.  Leaving the
other sections out is also not recommendable, but at least not that
destructive.  I do not understand why in the microscopic boundary
section only directions 6 and 7 come into play and not 3.  Also I do
not understand why they occur in *all* output direction expressions.

Furthermore, the fluid, albeit behaving also at the inlet quite
strange, bounces back the outlet ...

I disabled the obstacle so far, and plotted the 4 direction
(downwards), and the resulting ux and uy flows.

I give up so far.

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