[Numpy-discussion] Py3k: making a py3k compat header available in installed numpy for scipy

David Cournapeau david@silveregg.co...
Mon Mar 29 20:04:32 CDT 2010

Pauli Virtanen wrote:
> ma, 2010-03-29 kello 19:13 +0900, David Cournapeau kirjoitti:
>> I have worked on porting scipy to py3k, and it is mostly working. One
>> thing which would be useful is to install something similar to
>> npy_3kcompat.h in numpy, so that every scipy extension could share the
>> compat header. Is the current python 3 compatibility header usable "in
>> the wild", or will it still significantly change (this requiring a
>> different, more stable one) ?
> I believe it's reasonably stable, as it contains mostly simple stuff.
> Something perhaps can be added later, but I don't think anything will
> need to be removed.

Ok. If the C capsule stuff is still in flux, it may just be removed from 
the public header - I don't think we will need it anywhere in scipy.

> At least, I don't see what I would like to change there. The only thing
> I wouldn't perhaps like to have in the long run are the PyString and
> possibly PyInt redefinition macros.

I would also prefer a new name, instead of macro redefinition, but I can 
do it. The header would not be part of the public API proper anyway (I 
will put it somewhere else than numpy/include), it should never be 
pulled implicitly in when including one of the .h in numpy/include.


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