[Numpy-discussion] ~2**32 byte tofile()/fromfile() limit in 64-bit Windows?

Martin Spacek numpy@mspacek.mm...
Wed Nov 3 03:13:11 CDT 2010

I just opened a new ticket (http://projects.scipy.org/numpy/ticket/1660), but I 
thought I'd bring it up here as well. I can't seem to get tofile() or save() to 
write anything much bigger than a 2**32 byte array to a file in Py 2.6.6 on 
64-bit Windows. They both hang with no errors. Also, fromfile() throws an 
"IOError: could not seek in file" on > 2**32-1 byte files, although load() seems 
to work fine on any size of file. I'm a bit surprised I haven't stumbled across 
these problems before. I've tested as far back as 1.4.1. Is this a known issue?

(the ticket has much more detail)



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