[Numpy-discussion] problem with a binary file on OS X 10.6

Olli Sipilä sippis99@hotmail....
Thu Nov 4 07:15:00 CDT 2010

I have a problem reading a binary file on OS X 10.6. On my desktop mac (OS X 10.4.11, Python 2.5.4, Numpy 1.3.0), the command
CELLS, NSIZE, NE = fromfile(fp, int32, 3), where fp is the filename,
correctly prints "21 20 300". However, when I try the above on my laptop using Snow Leopard (Python 2.6.6, Numpy 1.5.0), I get the numbers "352321536 335544320 738263040". This results in a failure when trying to read the data that comes afterwards (Numpy fails with "array too big"). I assume this error may have something to do with 10.6 being 64-bit and 10.4 being 32-bit; however, the Python 2.6.6. distribution is also 32-bit. Any thoughts on this?
Thanks,Olli Sipilä 		 	   		  
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