[Numpy-discussion] Anyone with Core i7 and Ubuntu 10.04?

Ian Goodfellow goodfellow.ian@gmail....
Mon Nov 8 08:18:45 CST 2010

I'm wondering if anyone here has successfully built numpy with ATLAS
and a Core i7 CPU on Ubuntu 10.04. If so, I could really use your
help. I've been trying since August (see my earlier messages to this
list) to get numpy running at full speed on my machine with no luck.
The Ubuntu packages don't seem very fast, and numpy won't use the
version of ATLAS that I compiled. It's pretty sad; anything that
involves a lot of BLAS calls runs slower on this 2.8 ghz Core i7 than
on an older 2.66 ghz Core 2 Quad I use at work.

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