[Numpy-discussion] Is numpy.convolve based on LAPACK routine?

braingateway braingateway@gmail....
Thu Nov 11 02:32:44 CST 2010

Pauli Virtanen :
> On Thu, 11 Nov 2010 00:43:32 +0100, LittleBigBrain wrote:
>> I am wondering, is numpy.convolve based on LAPACK routine? Can it be
>> speedup by using ATLAS?
> LAPACK and Atlas do not AFAIK have convolution routines -- that's not 
> linear algebra. MKL on the other hand would have some. The implementation 
> in Numpy is the straightforward one, without SIMD etc.
> For large datasets, scipy.signal.fftconvolve should be faster.
Thanks for the point. The fftconvolve is only fast when two input are 
both long enough say >200, other wise pure convovlution will be faster. 
And fftconvolve will take too more RAM than normal convolution in this 
case. I were using MKL which does have convolution routines, so I 
thought might ATLAS also have it.

Thanks a lot!


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