[Numpy-discussion] Merging the refactor.

Charles R Harris charlesr.harris@gmail....
Thu Nov 11 13:38:53 CST 2010

Hi All,

I''d like to open a discussion about the steps to be followed in merging the
numpy refactor. I have two concerns about this. First, the refactor
repository branched off some time ago and I'm concerned about code
divergence, not just in the refactoring, but in fixes going into the master
branch on github. Second, it is likely that a flag day will look like the
easiest solution and I think we should avoid that. At the moment it seems to
me that the changes can be broken up into three categories:

1) Movement of files and resulting changes to the build process.
2) Refactoring of the files for CPython.
3) Addition of an IronPython interface.

I'd like to see 1) go into the master branch as soon as possible, followed
by 2) so that the changes can be tested and fixes will go into a common
repository. The main github repository can then be branched for adding the
IronPython stuff. In short, I think it would be usefull to abandon the
teoliphant fork at some point and let the work continue in a fork of the
numpy repository.

I'm not intimately familiar with details of the changes that have been made
in the refactor, so I welcome any thoughts by those folks involved in the
work. And of course by the usual numpy people who will need to adjust to the

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