[Numpy-discussion] pyc and pyo files in dmg and other python3 questions also a dmg for python3.1 to try

Vincent Davis vincent@vincentdavis....
Sat Nov 13 19:16:05 CST 2010

The questions below regard the osx dmg installer, not sure about how
this applies to other installers.

I noticed that pyc and pyo files are included in the binaries. Is
there a reason for this? I have removed them in the dmg for python3.1

I see that f2py is installed in /usr/local/bin/. f2py is also located
in versions/2.7/bin/ but I am not sure when it gets installed there
(versions/2.7/bin/) and why id does not from the dmg installer. Any
insight into this?

What should the permissions be on the installed numpy files. When I
install via $python3.1 setup.py install the owner = VMD(me)
group=admin. To match the other dmg installs I have to run $sudo
python3.1 setup.py install  to get owner=root and group=admin

I am kind of working backwords. That is the
numpy-1.5.1rc2-py3.1.2-python.org-macosx10.3.dmg was created by
replacing the pkg installer file in the dmg from numpy/python2.7 with
that from for numpy/python3.1 created with packagemaker gui.
The packagemaker setup can be saved as a packagemaker document *.pmdoc
which is just a collection of xml files. I can't find any python
packages/scripts to edit/create .pmdoc files but that should be easy.
Then I still need to have an automated script for the dmg
(packagemaker only builds the installer) I have not looked for a
python script for this but I assume bdist can be used as a guide (not
sure about license issues) Are there better tools build dmgs using

I realize there is a lot I don't know about building binaries but I am
interested so any advice on how to proceed or what the plans are for
building py3 binaries would be appreciated and I will try to

Finally here is a py3 binary to try.

Vincent Davis

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