[Numpy-discussion] Advise for numerical programming content (New python user)

Gerrit Holl gerrit.holl@gmail....
Fri Nov 19 04:21:45 CST 2010


On 19 November 2010 03:48, Sachin Kumar Sharma <SSharma84@slb.com> wrote:
> Does graphic output like maps, histogram, crossplot, tornado charts is good
> enough with basic installation or needs some additional packages?

You might want to ask this question at the scipy mailig-list.

For maps, you need basemap or PyNCL.

I am presently using basemap. In the future, I will look at PyNCL,
Python bindings to NCL. I think there are also Python bindings to GMT.

Interestingly, both basemap and PyNCL are written by the same person
(Jeff Whitaker). Probably those packages complement each other rather
than doing the same thing. Others might correct me here.


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