[Numpy-discussion] Yet more merges in maintenance/1.5.x

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Sat Nov 20 14:57:07 CST 2010


There are more unnecessary merge commits in the git history.

	Before you do "git push", check

	git log --oneline --graph
	git log --oneline --graph upstream/maintenance/1.5.x..

so that you don't push unnecessary stuff. (Also, don't use "git pull".)

$ git log --oneline --graph upstream/maintenance/1.5.x
* cc8d516 BUG: Fix exception handling for python 3k.
*   15b875a Merge branch 'maintenance/1.5.x' of github.com:numpy/numpy into
| * de969d7 REL: set version to 1.5.1.
* |   3d429f1 Merge branch 'maintenance/1.5.x' of github.com:numpy/numpy in
|\ \  
| |/  
| * 3304791 REL: set version number to 1.5.1rc2 and set released=True.
| * e885a7a TST: mark longdouble tests as knownfail on OS X PPC.
| * 516aa4a TST: mark longdouble tests for spacing/nextafter as knownfail o
| * 08ccb3a TST: silence ldexp overflow warning.
| * 8346ba0 BUG: fix issue with incorrect Fortran arch flags. Closes #1399.
| * c0bd3df TST: core: disable C99 complex tests also on Solaris if it seem
| * c6504f5 TST: core: mark test_ldexp_overflow as known failure on Python 
| * 082956b TST: core: fix test_fromfile_tofile_seeks to work on Windows (c
* |   f819262 Merge branch 'maintenance/1.5.x' of github.com:numpy/numpy in
|\ \  
| |/  
| * 29c38c6 REL: set released=False again, and minor fix in paver script.
| * 97cb28e REL: set version number to 1.5.1rc1, released=True.
| * 4b18dc8 REL: Set start and end tags for the Changelog.
| * 2aa0317 REL: make the OS X installer naming scheme correspond to what i
| * 3bc3174 BUG: on Windows the sysconfig module does not contain CFLAGS in
| * c9f2514 REL: add a note on #1399 to the 1.5.1 release notes.
* | c035b13 DOC: recommend to turn on deprecation warnings for Python >= 2.
*   427d3fc Merge branch 'maintenance/1.5.x' of github.com:numpy/numpy into
| * b55eacd BUG: core: implement a long-int loop for ldexp, for cases where
| * 0e792e6 BUG: core: adjust ComplexWarning location frame up by one, so t
| * 4e177d3 BUG: get fortran arch flags from C arch flags if available. Clo
| * c8e1315 BUG: DOC: fix invalid vdot documentation (cherry picked from co

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