[Numpy-discussion] can I mapping a np.darray class with a text file instead of reading the file in to mem?

kee chen keekychen.shared@gmail....
Sat Oct 2 10:23:57 CDT 2010

Dear All,

I have memory problem in reading data from text file to a np.darray. It is
because I have low mem on my pc and the data is too big.
Te data is stored as 3 cols text and may have 10000000 records look like

0.64984279 0.587856227 0.827348652
0.33463377 0.210916859 0.608797746
0.230265156 0.390278562 0.186308355
0.431187207 0.127007937 0.949673389

0.150027782 0.800999655 0.551508963
0.255163742 0.785462049 0.015694154

After googled, I found 3 ways may solve this problem:
    1.hardware upgrade(upgrade memory, upgrade arch to x64 ..... )
    2. filter the data before processing
    3. using pytable

However , I am trying to think another possibility - the mem-time trade-off.

Can I design a class inherit from the np.darray then make it mapping with
the text file?
It may works in such a way, inside of this class only maintain a row object
and  total row ID a.k.a the rows of the file. the row mapping may look like

an row object   <--- bind--->   row ID in text file  <--- bind---> function

Wen np function be applied on this object, the actual date is from function
row_eader(actual row ID).

I have no idea how to code it then may I get support here to design such a
class? Thanks!


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