[Numpy-discussion] ndarray of object dtype

Ioan Ferencik ioan.ferencik@tkk...
Mon Oct 4 00:41:20 CDT 2010

Hello list,

I am trying to pass elements of a custom defined with C API.
I have successfully wrapped a type around a C struct.
I intent to create a list with these objects and process it using numpy C API.
So i  create an array:

array = (PyArrayObject *)PyArray_ContiguousFromObject(input,  
PyArray_OBJECT, 0, 0);

to my understanding each el. in this array is a pointer to my type so  
a cast to this type
should work.

this is my custom type

typedef struct val{
         float q;
         float wl;
         int cssid;
         int br;

I am passing only one element for testing purposes.

in python
a = [hm1d1.hm1dval() for i in range(0,1)]
for c in a:
         c.set_values(q=3.0, wl=2.5, cssid=6, br=7)

So following code should be valid in C:

hm1dval s* = PyArray_DATA(array);

but the members are 0 after casting in spite they were set previously.

also using strides it should be possible to traverse the array and get  
the individual


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