[Numpy-discussion] Help building numpy

Ian Goodfellow goodfellow.ian@gmail....
Fri Oct 8 08:47:47 CDT 2010

Can anyone explain how to get numpy to recognize atlas? I have atlas built
and installed, and I put what I thought should be sufficient, based on
numpy's INSTALL.TXT, to make numpy use atlas in my site.cfg then ran python
setup.py install. The resulting build is incredibly slow. Multiplying a
1,000 x 1,000 matrix takes 8 seconds. The default packages take .8 . On a
computer at work with a similar but slower cpu to mine, it only takes .2, so
I know I should be able to get a lot more speed out of numpy.

This is my site.cfg:

atlas_libs = lapack, f77blas, cblas, atlas

library_dirs = /usr/local/atlas/lib
include_dir = /usr/local/atlas/include

Thanks in advance,
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