[Numpy-discussion] help from OS X 10.5 users wanted

Friedrich Romstedt friedrichromstedt@gmail....
Sun Oct 10 13:46:23 CDT 2010

2010/10/9 Vincent Davis <vincent@vincentdavis.net>:
> Did you get any responses on this? I can install 10.5 and help out
> with some testing. I have a macbookpro that does not turn of (Hardware
> issue) but it is good for testing. I could setup remote access on this
> if of interest to you.

I can also help with the installer - I have some (some) experience
with building Mac OS X installers using the PackageMaker provided by
Apple.  Just lacking a 10.5.  But since I need some anyway (for
controlling a 10.5 server), Vincent, if you don't need your 10.5
anymore, can we transfer the license in some way from you to me?  I'm
serious, one cannot buy 10.5 from Apple anymore, and I need a legal
license.  I have 10.6 and a VMware Fusion v3.

When anyone can inform me how the installation scheme for numpy
binaries is I can then provide the installers, I believe.  I strongly
support 10.5 support, I believe we should support at least the next to
last version.

For my own installer for upy, I followed the route: Unpacking the
package into some /private/var/tmp directory, and running setup.py
install there (since we are root when installing).  upy is pure
Python, no compilation.  I see so far three routes for numpy: a) just
installing the precompiled binaries using a setup.py file, b)
compiling in the background for the user (shouldn't be a problem on
Mac OS X, and would give us opportunity to include support for
complementary packages in a "binary installer".  Tough it wouldn't be
really binary anymore.)  c) Hardcoding the /Frameworks/ directory and
simply copying.

What do we like best?


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