[Numpy-discussion] Commit rights on github

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Tue Oct 12 02:57:37 CDT 2010


>> Now might be a good time to discuss how we'd like the history to look
>> in a year from now.  If we follow the above approach, I guess we may
>> end up with one merge message for each small little bug-fix? (Unless
>> --rebase is used)  How do we ensure that "fast-forward" merges occur
>> whenever possible?
> The only solution that I know of is to have a pull-like workflow, but
> I thought this was rejected as too complicated ?

Am I the only person to find it strange that we have an active and
skilled development community, many of whom have been using git
routinely for a long time, and we none of us seem to know what the
agreed workflow is?

I risk yet another deafening silence in asking - is there anyone who
thinks that the current state of play is good?  If the answer is no -
then isn't there anyone who will step up to the plate and suggest
something?  I will certainly do it if given any sign that that is

See y'all,


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