[Numpy-discussion] portable doctests despite floating points numbers

Fabrice Silva silva@lma.cnrs-mrs...
Fri Oct 15 07:05:00 CDT 2010

Le vendredi 15 octobre 2010, Sébastien Barthélemy a écrit :
> Hello all,
Hi Seb

> I use doctest for examples and tests in a program which relies heavily
> on numpy. As floating point calculations differs slightly across
> computers (32/64 bits), I have troubles writing portable doctests.
> The doctest documentation [1] advises to use numbers in the form
> int/2**n. This is quite restrictive.
> Using numpy.set_printoptions(suppress=True) also helps, but I still
> have problems with numbers around 0. On some platform a result prints
> as 0., on others as -0.
> Is there a workaround?
Maybe you should not rely on doctest to do the comparison between
computed and expected result. You could use assert_* functions from
if your results are numpy objects.
assert_almost_equal and assert_approx_equal are quite powerful!


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