[Numpy-discussion] Tesing of the numpy 1.5.1 dmgs

Friedrich Romstedt friedrichromstedt@gmail....
Fri Oct 15 18:56:18 CDT 2010


I just poked around the newly created files, and here they are:

The dmg:
 (just to be sure: PRELIMINARY)

The test file of the numpy 2.0.0 on the build machine:

Test result file on another ppc PowerBook G4:

Notice that both tests FAILED, but not very strongly.  The errors are
different on both machines.

Some things to note:
1)  The docs still say they are for 1.5.0rc1.  Might be my mistake,
but I remember the docs being rebuilt completely when it made the dmg.
2)  The installer has no customised background image.  (Intended?).
The dmg anyway has very nice layout, it works.


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