[Numpy-discussion] Proposal: Numpy Build Docs

Friedrich Romstedt friedrichromstedt@gmail....
Sun Oct 17 15:52:51 CDT 2010


I finally found some time today and since the installers are not
feasible in one and a half hour I decided to set up a proper doc of
what we're doing so far with the Mac OS X 10.5 installer issue.  A few

*  We all (meaning Vincent, Ralf, and me) will be more careful with
what we run, and have a good starting point for documenting it
*  Anybody can check if their issue is maybe related to the system the
installer was built on
*  We have a good reference for our own.

It's a Sphinx doc and located at

Currently it's for our 10.5 build, but it's designed to be extensible.

It's litte overhead to add the .. index:: directives to the files, at
least compared to the documentation I did before in a singelton reST
file, and it's lot more readable in my opinion.

There is definitely room for improvement, I just pushed the current
version, to let you have a look if you want to.  It's a preliminary
draft, but I tried to make sensible design choices.

Have a look, I would be happy,

P.S.: After my Monday issue I'll have the whole week for numpy, full
day, so we should be able to finish it.

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