[Numpy-discussion] numpy installation in ubuntu

Ian Goodfellow goodfellow.ian@gmail....
Mon Oct 18 08:07:42 CDT 2010

To do a standard installation, run
sudo python setup.py install
from inside the numpy directory

Then your import should work elsewhere.

By the way, "import *" can cause difficulties when you're working with
several different files. For example, if you have a function called 'save'
somewhere that imports something that does 'from numpy import *' you'll have
problems because there is a numpy.save. It's better to import numpy with a
shorter name, ie, "import numpy as N" or "import numpy as npy" than to drop
the namespace altogether.

On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 6:55 AM, Alex Ter-Sarkissov

> hi everyone, i'm very new to ubuntu, now trying to install numpy and
> wxpython.
> Having unpacked numpy and running the standard commnad in idle
> from numpy import *
> i get the message
> ImportError: Error importing numpy: you should not try to import numpy from
>         its source directory; please exit the numpy source tree, and
> relaunch
>         your python intepreter from there.
> I quit the folder with numpy, relaunched python, but the module wasn't even
> identified.
> thanks
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