[Numpy-discussion] whitespace in git repo

Friedrich Romstedt friedrichromstedt@gmail....
Tue Oct 19 12:17:02 CDT 2010

2010/10/19 Darren Dale <dsdale24@gmail.com>:
> We have been discussing whitespace and line endings at the following
> pull request: http://github.com/numpy/numpy/pull/4 . Chuck suggested
> we discuss it here on the list.
> I have the following set in my ~/.gitconfig file:
>    [apply]
>        whitespace = fix
>    [core]
>        autocrlf = input
> which is attempting to correct some changes in:
> branding/icons/numpylogo.svg
> branding/icons/numpylogoicon.svg
> tools/win32build/nsis_scripts/numpy-superinstaller.nsi.in
> David C. suggested that the nsi.in file should not be changed. I
> suggested adding a .gitattributes file along with the existing
> .gitignore file in the numpy repo. This would enforce windows line
> endings for the nsi.in file:
> tools/win32build/nsis_scripts/numpy-superinstaller.nsi.in eol=crlf
> alternatively this would disable any attempt to convert line endings:
> tools/win32build/nsis_scripts/numpy-superinstaller.nsi.in -text

This may be useful here:

Treating svgs and the other files as binary will increase diff's size,
but maybe it's an option?

my 2 cents, fwiw,

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