[Numpy-discussion] Build Process and Version Control

Friedrich Romstedt friedrichromstedt@gmail....
Mon Oct 25 05:08:27 CDT 2010


here is a summary of what we got so far with the Mac OS X build process:

-  We found it useful to put
/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.x under version
control with git.  This lets us get rid of the paver bootstrap thingy,
since we just switch to a branch via ``git checkout numpy``.  We can
have a full-blown polluted Python and a minimial numpy Python in
parallel, and we can revert to the built numpy libraries when we find
some issue later.  We will note the sha of the numpy system commit in
the commits in the numpy build git repo.

-  We also modified the Pythons via a print statement in
sitecustomize.py to tell what numpy is running on startup, this goes
to the logfiles etc., it also tells the branch family of the system
git repo (hardcoded).

-  We established a numpy git "build repo".  It'll contain all the
dmgs and so on, along with the log files of the build process.  I will
push soon.  Its location is http://github.com/friedrichromstedt/numpy.
 We tried hard to make good design choices about the branches, but
this is discussable, and might be easy to revert in this early stage
where noone has fetched so far.

-  We also set up the "numpy build site", it's here:
http://vincentdavis.info/, or for the hard-core people here :-)
http://vincentdavis.info/numpy-build-doc.  It's not that hard-core at
all.  Just a Sphinx site where we document what we're doing to our
build system.  Atm I'm not *that* satisfied with it, because I tend to
document *too much* when new to some subject.  I believe it will turn
out as a well-readable detailed instruction for ourselves, usable to
others too, and then we just crossref that instruction instead of
writing down all the stuff again and again.

Currently the numpy-build-docs are in another repo,
http://github.com/friedrichromstedt/numpy-build-doc, I'm not sure if
it is useful to merge this into my numpy repo.  Pro: Users of the
numpy repo will get all the stuff with little overhead.  Con: Users of
the numpy-build-doc repo will have *lots* of overhead.  But I guess
the latter are rather rare.  Please comment.

The process is open for others to chime in.  The Sphinx site is ready
to host also build logs of other systems.  The sources are included in
the git repo (numpy-build-docs), together with a current html build.
Please use the Sphinx site online
(http://vincentdavis.info/numpy-build-doc) and not the git repo, but
I'll push soon.

Documentation goes via Python functional programming, but this are
details.  In fact, Sphinx just documents Python functions.  We are
working towards an automatisation of build process steps using this
Python functions.  Yet another build system.  But this is future.

Please refrain from fetching anything until I did the authoritative
push, so that you'll have a working system, which is at least beta and
not rather alpha like the current things I put on github.


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