[Numpy-discussion] clearing after build; Some directories missing in .gitignore?

Friedrich Romstedt friedrichromstedt@gmail....
Mon Oct 25 06:52:26 CDT 2010

I was tearing my hear out yesterday evening with trying to find out
and to understand how this directories occur in the build process and
what role they play:


The build process of the docs is rather opaque to me, so I don't know
what to do with them.

The question is:  Do I really have to clean my working directory
before doing a new build.  I have problems with this because it seems
that the cleaning is neither complete nor is .gitignore (see above).
In pavement.py I read:

@needs('clean', 'clean_bootstrap')
def nuke(options):
    """Remove everything: build dir, installers, bootstrap dirs, etc..."""
    for d in [options.superpack.builddir, options.installers.releasedir]:
        if os.path.exists(d):

So :func:`nuke`, as opposed to what I was told before, also removes
the installers.  :func:`clean` removes build/, dist/, numpy.egg-info/,
and doc/build/.  :func:`clean_bootstrap` is a noop for us.  None of
them treats the directories listed above.

I don't know if the generated docs in doc/source/reference/generated
are included automatically, so that garbage from previous builds could
make it into later doc builds?

Further, I don't know what may dangle around what I simply don't see
because it's hidden by .gitignore.  E.g. what's about doc/cdoc/build?
doc/numpy.scipy.org/_build?  I don't have this dirs, though.

I will, for now, just remove the directories listed above and hope
that :func:`clean` does the rest to the extent needed, but I really
have the impressions that the binary build system is rather "organic"
and needs a general overhaul.

A bit lost,

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