[Numpy-discussion] ndarray __getattr__ to perform __getitem__

Zachary Pincus zachary.pincus@yale....
Fri Oct 29 08:32:30 CDT 2010

>>> But wouldn't the performance hit only come when I use it in this  
>>> way?
>>> __getattr__ is only called if the named attribute is *not* found (I
>>> guess it falls off the end of the case statement, or is the result  
>>> of
>>> the attribute hash table "miss").
>> That's why I said that __getattr__ would perhaps work better.
> So do you want me to try out an implementation and supply a patch?  If
> so, where should I send the patch?
> Ian

Note that there are various extant projects that I think attempt to  
provide similar functionality to what you're wanting (unless I badly  
misread your original email, in which case apologies):

You might want to check these out (or pitch in with those efforts)  
before starting up your own variant. (Though if your idea has more  
modest goals, then it might be a good complement to these more  
extensive/intrusive solutions.)


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