[Numpy-discussion] PyGTK breaks fortran extension???

Åsmund Hjulstad asmund.hjulstad@gmail....
Fri Sep 3 00:53:00 CDT 2010

Hi, all,

I have a f2py wrapped fortran extension, compiled using gcc-mingw32
(v.4.5.0), numpy 1.5, Python 2.7, where I am experiencing the strangest
behaviour. It appears that loading pygtk breaks my fortran extension.

The fortran code has initialization code (it calculates reference state for
a combination of fluids). The initialization appearantly has some sanity
checks, verifying the results. This initialization fails if gtk is loaded

import refprop
from gtk import _gtk    # if this line is commented out the next line works
as expected
ierr,herr = refprop.setup0(2,"METHANE.FLD|ETHANE.FLD","HMX.BNC","DEF")

I initially started suspecting matplotlib, but as the problem only appeared
when loading a gtk backend, I narrowed it down to this particular import.

The following imports break it in just the same way (with, I suspect, the
gtk import still being the culprit).

import matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot

I have little idea how to debug this further, and probably will just choose
to use a different backend. Has anybody else encountered something like

Is is possible that msvcrt.dll has something to do with this?  I haven't
been able to get my library to link to msvcr90, I guess I have to do
something with a manifest, but I haven't grasped it yet.  Before using the
gtk backend of matplotlib, everything worked OK, so I thought it wasn't a
problem. I have a VS2008PRO DVD on the way in the mail, but was hoping to be
able to fix this with mingw.

Best regards,

Åsmund Hjulstad, asmund@hjulstad.com
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