[Numpy-discussion] Simplified question on tensordot

Rick Muller rpmuller@gmail....
Fri Sep 3 06:48:31 CDT 2010

Sorry for the rapid repost, but I thought of a much easier way to ask the
question I asked a few minutes ago.

I have two matrices, A and B, both of which are n x m. n is big (~10,000),
and m is small (~10).

I want to take the product AB such that I get a length-n vector, as in:

>>> AB = zeros(n,'d')
>>> for i in xrange(n):
>>>    AB[i] = dot(A[i,:],B[i,:])

only I don't want the for-loop. The various things I've tried with dot and
tensordot inevitably give me a n x n matrix, which isn't what I want. Can
anyone help me find an easier way to do this?

Rick Muller
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