[Numpy-discussion] Cutoff small values of a vector to stop underflow

Rick Muller rpmuller@gmail....
Fri Sep 3 11:39:13 CDT 2010

There just *has* to be a better way of doing this. I want to cut off small
values of a vector, and I'm currently doing something like:

>>> for i in xrange(n):
>>>    if abs(A[i]) < tol: A[i] = 0

Which is slow, since A can be really long. Is there a way to write a Ufunc
that would do something like this more directly? The naive things I've tried
didn't work, e.g.

>>> def cut(a,tol=1e-10):
>>>     if less(absolute(a),tol):
>>>         a = 0
>>>     return

Rick Muller
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