[Numpy-discussion] ANNOUNCE: mahotas 0.5

Luis Pedro Coelho lpc@cmu....
Thu Sep 9 21:50:11 CDT 2010

Hello everyone,

My numpy based image processing toolbox has just had a new release: 0.5

New features are:
   Distance transform 
   freeimage interface [borrowed and improved from scikits.image]
   zernike moment computation

There were some fixes to the namespace (in particular, functions that
were previously available as mahotas.bbox.bbox are now just
mahotas.bbox), which is good, but might break code. Sorry, but the new
system is just so much better.

Many small fixes and performance improvements all around.

You can get it from pypi: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/mahotas
(including through easy_install mahotas or pip install mahotas).

Bleeding edge is at: http://github.com/luispedro/mahotas

API Documentation at http://packages.python.org/mahotas/
(very complete, but rather ugly; will fix uglyness).

Mailing-List (for Python-based computer vision related subjects in
general including this package):
Luis Pedro Coelho | Carnegie Mellon University | http://luispedro.org

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