[Numpy-discussion] Re-pinging two old issues

Friedrich Romstedt friedrichromstedt@gmail....
Thu Sep 16 10:47:07 CDT 2010

I'd really love to see these two things fixed:


When comparing objects using the numpy mechanism for == or != (only
those apparently), everything is cast to an ndarray, even if this
results in an dtype=numpy.object array.  E.g. for addition, this
doesn't happen.

Installing loggers ...
Creating array a: ...
[1 2]
Calling a + 1 ...
args = (array([1, 2]), 1)
Calling a == 1 ...
args = (array([1, 2]), array(1))
Calling a == X() ...
args = (array([1, 2]), array(<__main__.X instance at 0x716300>, dtype=object))


This one is really crucial to me.  I have to overload the operators
with callables.  But when doing so, at least my Python crashes at exit
with different outcome.  Sometimes it even does not crash.  I'd like
to get some feedback from other users whether they can confirm the
crashiness or if it is specific to my numpy.

I'm using numpy 1.4.1, but I strongly believe this things are widely
apart from the regions where fixes took place.  My system is Mac OS X
10.6 Intel-based, 64bit, with a 32bit Python, and self-compiled numpy,
and 8 GB RAM, ca. 1/3 free, and rebooting is rare for me.

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