[Numpy-discussion] Viewer for 2D Numpy arrays (GUI)

Kim Hansen slaunger@gmail....
Fri Sep 17 04:14:43 CDT 2010

2010/9/17 Mayank P Jain <mayankpj@gmail.com>

> I thought about these options but what I need is excel like interface that
> displays the values for each cell and one can modify and save the files.
> This would be convenient way of saving large files in less space and at the
> same time, see them and would remove those additional steps of writing out
> and reading them in each time my program runs.
Personally I would store the numpy arrays in HDF5 files using the very
convenient numpy-aware pytables module and then use the very fast and
efficient HDF5 file viewer, VITables for the Excel like interface. If you
have large amounts of data, this GUI is way faster to operate as compared to
Excel and it has some convient utilities for filtering the data you want to
see or edit.

Best regards

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