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oops, I meant to save my post but I sent it instead - doh! 

In the end, the question was; is worth adding start= and stop= markers into 
loadtxt to allow grabbing sections of a file between two known headers?  I 
imagine it's something that people come up against regularly.


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I been looking around and could spot anything on this.  Quite often I want to 
read a homogeneous block of data from within a file.  The skiprows option is 
great for missing out the section before the data starts, but if there is 
anything below then loadtxt will choke.  I wondered if there was a possibility 
to put an endmarker= ?

For example, if I want to load text from a large! file that looks like this

header line 
header line
1 2.0 3.0
2 4.5 5.7
500 4.3 5.4
more headers
more headers
1 2.0 3.0 3.14 1.1414
2 4.5 5.7 1.14 3.1459
500 4.3 5.4 0.000 0.001

Then I can use skiprows=2, but loadtxt will choke when it gets to 'END'.  To 
read t

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