[Numpy-discussion] [PATCH] F2Py on Python 3

Lisandro Dalcin dalcinl@gmail....
Wed Sep 22 09:35:59 CDT 2010

It seems that lib2to3 does not process the main f2py bootstrap script
that gets autogenerated by f2py's setup.py. The trivial patch below
replaces the print statements with sys.stderr.write() calls. After
that change, f2py works just fine in Python 3.2

Index: numpy/f2py/setup.py
--- numpy/f2py/setup.py	(revision 8716)
+++ numpy/f2py/setup.py	(working copy)
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@
     except ValueError: pass
 if mode=="g3-numpy":
-    print >> sys.stderr, "G3 f2py support is not implemented, yet."
+    sys.stderr.write("G3 f2py support is not implemented, yet.\n")
 elif mode=="2e-numeric":
     from f2py2e import main
@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@
 elif mode=="2e-numpy":
     from numpy.f2py import main
-    print >> sys.stderr, "Unknown mode:",`mode`
+    sys.stderr.write("Unknown mode: '%s'\n" % mode)

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