[Numpy-discussion] datarray repositories have diverged

Rob Speer rspeer@MIT....
Thu Sep 30 10:39:26 CDT 2010

There's some DataArray code that I've had for a while, but I just
finished it up and tested it today. Most notably, it includes a new
__str__ for DataArrays that does some nice layout and includes ticks:

In [9]: print d_arr
country   year
--------- -------------------------------------------------
          1994      1998      2002      2006      2010
Netherlan -0.505758  0.096597  1.083148 -0.450156  0.172754
Uruguay    1.772182 -0.113394 -0.781307  1.002416 -0.64925
Germany   -2.013874  0.283947  1.170848 -0.504823  0.448497
Spain     -0.725844  0.909713 -1.191371 -0.465167 -1.518764

(The layout functions in datarray.print_grid actually work with any
ndarray, so you can use it as an alternative to the __str__ in NumPy.)

However, I notice that all the new development on datarray is
happening on Fernando Perez's branch, which mine diverged from long
ago. I forked from Lluis (jesusabdullah)'s branch, which was the most
active at the time, and I got all but the most recent changes merged
back in. But that branch in turn was never merged back into fperez's.

The divergence point is even before I added the syntax for named axes
and ticks by name (such as arr.named['Spain', 1994:2010] or

Does it make sense to merge my branch into the main one?

-- Rob

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