[Numpy-discussion] datarray repositories have diverged

Lluís xscript@gmx....
Thu Sep 30 11:22:23 CDT 2010

Rob Speer writes:

> However, I notice that all the new development on datarray is
> happening on Fernando Perez's branch, which mine diverged from long
> ago. I forked from Lluis (jesusabdullah)'s branch, which was the most
> active at the time, and I got all but the most recent changes merged
> back in. But that branch in turn was never merged back into fperez's.

Ups! I thought my master branch was obsolete after the first sprint, so
I deleted it and re-branched from fperez's. Thus, I suppose that
comparing against my current master won't be useful to you.

BTW, my fix branches are incomplete (no tests and doc have been
updated), but in the future, how should they be merged (if they should
be)?  I mean, should datarray fork from the new github numpy into a new
repository owned by a "datarray" user? I don't know much about how these
kind of things are managed on github, but I remember some comments about


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