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Thu Sep 30 14:13:04 CDT 2010

Is the solution as simple as the attached diff?  It works for me, but I 
don't understand all the implications.


On 09/29/2010 06:52 PM, Joe Harrington wrote:
>> It seems that the "Other parameters" section is not
>> getting included in the output.
> The "Other parameters" is not often used in numpy because there are
> not generally dozens of "tweaking" parameters in its basic numerical
> routines.  It will probably be more common in certain scipy pages, and
> if other packages adopted the format, it could get used a lot.
> Plotting packages, for example, often have a ton of "tweaking"
> parameters (line width, line color, line pattern, major axis tick
> interval, minor axis tick interval, x axis label, y axis label, title,
> axis font, title font, tick strings, etc.) and could use this section
> to good effect to sort those out from the parameters of primary
> interest.  This would keep the output section and so forth near the
> top of the docstring for easy reading.
> So, it would be better to fix the problem than deprecate the section.
> --jh--
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