[Numpy-discussion] C api doc shortcomings

Robert Elsner mlist@re-factory...
Mon Aug 1 04:37:09 CDT 2011

Hey Everybody,

I noticed that the c-api docs (2.0.dev-72ab385) lack a clear statement
what the preferred entry point into the c-api is (from a users point of
view). Normally I would expect a sentence or two stating that the api
entry point is arrayobject.h (or whatever).
Instead the docs ponder about reading the c sources but do not give any
hints where to start. I suggest something akin to the official Python
docs in a prominent place:

All function, type and macro definitions needed to use the Python/C API
are included in your code by the following line:

#include "Python.h"

This implies inclusion of the following standard headers: <stdio.h>,
<string.h>, <errno.h>, <limits.h>, <assert.h> and <stdlib.h> (if available).

modified for Numpy.


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