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Olivier Delalleau shish@keba...
Mon Aug 1 11:52:34 CDT 2011

I personally use pickle, which does exactly what you are asking for (and can
be customized with __getstate__ and __setstate__ if needed). What are your
issues with pickle?

-=- Olivier

2011/7/31 Brian Blais <bblais@bryant.edu>

> Hello,
> I was wondering if there are any recommendations for formats for saving
> scientific data.  I am running a simulation, which has many
> somewhat-indepedent parts which have their own internal state and
> parameters.  I've been using pickle (gzipped) to save the entire object
> (which contains subobjects, etc...), but it is getting too unwieldy and I
> think it is time to look for a more robust solution.  Ideally I'd like to
> have something where I can call a save method on the simulation object, and
> it will call the save methods on all the children, on down the line all
> saving into one file.  It'd also be nice if it were cross-platform, and I
> could depend on the files being readable into the future for a while.
> Are there any good standards for this?  What do you use for saving
> scientific data?
>                thank you,
>                        Brian Blais
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